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Survival from witnessed, shockable Cardiac Arrest varies widely across the United States.  Some cities report single digit survival rates, while Seattle and King County Washington lead the way with the highest survival rate in the world, at 52%.  Why is this? Do you know your community's survival rate?  What can your community do to improve?

The Maryland Resuscitation Academy is designed to help EMS administrators and field supervisors improve cardiac arrest survival in their communities. Join the leaders from Maryland's EMS communities for a course that will transform the way you think about how EMS manages cardiac arrests.


The Howard County Department of Fire & Rescue Services (HCDFRS) has modeled Seattle and King County Washington's cardiac care methods to study and measure survival from cardiac arrest.  After forming a strong relationship with the Resuscitation Academy, HCDFRS implemented what was learned from Seattle and King County EMS to improve survival from Cardiac Arrest in Howard County.  Encouraged by substantial increases in survival, Howard County was inspired to share best practices learned from Seattle.  HCDFRS partnered with the Seattle Resuscitation Academy and held the first East Coast Resuscitation Academy in May, 2012.  Recently partnering with the Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS), it is now known as the Maryland Resuscitation Academy.

The Mission

The goal of the Maryland Resuscitation Academy is to improve survival from cardiac arrest throughout the state of Maryland and its surrounding regions. This will be achieved through the enrollment of EMS managers, EMS field supervisors, and EMS medical directors, in a program modeled after Seattle's Resuscitation Academy and conducted by The Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services, and MIEMSS.

Academy Goals

  • Learn how to define the cardiac arrest survival rate in the host community.
  • Understand the principles of the Utstein template and how to report data.
  • Develop a concrete plan of action to improve survival.
  • Measure the effect of the plan of action on cardiac arrest survival.
Contact Us

Maryland Resuscitation Academy
c/o Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite 400
Columbia, MD 21046

Phone: (410) 313-6000
Email: ramaryland@hcdfrs.org

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